Core77 Design Awards 2014 Winner!

Core77 Design Awards 2014 Winner!

We won another award for our master thesis “The Future of Offshore Supply“! Check out all the winners at Our project won as the best student project in the transportation category.


We were impressed with the concept of a supply vessel that is efficient in cargo handling while strategically adding value to the economy of Norway.

The layers of details in the design created an interest that drew us deeper in wanting to know more.

The design was best in appearance, concept, and presentation in that it effectively utilized graphics, rendering composition, colors, and details. All design elements cohesively tied together with the concept.



Christine Park
Jury Captain
General Motors // Cadillac Exterior Lead Designer

Jeff Nield
Strategic Design Manager // Cadillac

Curtis Evey
Head of Marketing Solutions // RTT USA

Alan Macey
Chrysler // Designer and Curb Industries // Co-founder and Creative Director

Watch the verdict of the project in the video below at around 16:50: